Workshop On Metasemantics

At the University of Tokyo, in collaboration with ConceptLab
October 1  
Robbie Williams:  Radical Interpretation and Mental Reference Magnetism.
Respondent: Josh Dever
Robbie Williams:   From mental representation to linguistic representation.
Respondent: Brian Weatherson
Anandi Hatangandi:  Semantic Supervenience and Haecceities
Respondent: Max Deutsch
Seth Yalcin:   The Tension Between Compositionality and Convention
Respondent: Matti Eklund
October 2 
Joey Pollock:  Content individuation, conceptual engineering and social inequality
Respondent: Ishani Maitra
Sara Sawyer:   Thought and Talk
Respondent: Herman Cappelen
Derek Ball:   Trying to Mean and Meaning
Respondent: Rachel Sterken
Cian Dorr:  tba
Respondent: Tim Sundell
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