Fixing Language Review

Fixing Language is reviewed by Max Deutsch in Analysis here. An extract:

Herman Cappelen’s Fixing Language is a fascinating book, chock-full of provocative arguments, on what is fast becoming a (the?) central topic in metaphilosophy: conceptual engineering.

It is an important book – one I very highly recommend. It sets the stage for what will be an exciting metaphilosophical debate over the prospects for conceptual engineering in the years to come.

… the book is remarkable for its extensive critical engagement with the work of others, and for its coverage of a dizzying array of issues related to its main theme. As advertised, it’s a book about conceptual engineering, but also, and in some cases´equally, it’s a book about metasemantics, verbal disputes, the history of analytic philosophy, meaning change, externalism, inconsistent concepts, generic language, metaphor, slurs, feminist philosophy and contextualism. And that’s a partial list.



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